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International Journal of Korean History > Volume 17(2); 2012 > Article
International Journal of Korean History 2012;17(2): 29-46.
Zainichi Chōsenjin and the Independence Movement in Everyday Life
Jinseok Choi
Associate Professor, Hiroshima University
히로시마대학교 조교수
“Zainichi(在日, Migrants from Korea),” “Kankokujin(韓國人),” “Chosenjin(朝鮮人),” “Korean,” I have long been concerned about how I should refer to myself within Japanese society. Should I introduce myself as Zainichi, Kankokujin, Ch?senjin, or Korean? The task of introducing myself may appear to be a simple one. However, it is in fact a complex matter whose roots can be traced back some 100 years. This issue became even more complex after Kim jong-il(Kim Ch?ngil) officially admitted that North Korea had abducted Japanese citizens during the Chos?n (North Korea)-Japan summit held in P’y?ngyang on September 17, 2002. Japanese society, which approached the issue from the standpoint of the unity of the government and people, was predominantly critical of North Chos?n (North Korea). This essay searches for the identity of the Zainichi Ch?senjin that is embedded in the past and present.
Keywords: Zainichi Chōsenjin, Chōsenjin, Chosŏn saram

“자이니찌”, “간코쿠진”, “조센진”, “코리안” -. 일본 사회에서 살면서 재일조선인인 나는 어떤 이름을 댈 것인가. “자이니찌”, 즉 재일인가. “간코쿠진”, 즉 한국인인가, “조센진”, 즉 조선인인가. “코리안”, 즉 KOREAN인가. 이름에 대한 이 물음은 어쩌면 단순한 일인 것처럼 여겨질지 모르지만 실은 이 100년의 역사와 깊이 관련된 복잡한 문제이다. 특히 2002년 9월17일, 즉 조일 평화 회담에서 김정일 총서기가 일본인 납치를 공식으로 인정한 날 이후 일본 사회에서 관민일체(官民一體)가 된 북조선 비난이 만연되는 가운데 문제는 더욱더 복잡해지고 있다. 이 글은 과거와 현재 역사 아래서 재일조선인이란 누구인가를 모색한다.
주제어: 재일조선인, 조센진, 조선사람
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